About DoomSec

Who are we

Who are we, eh! That's a good question. We are a group, made of hacktivists who are doing what they believe is the best for the preservation of social equity and equality.

I like your art, are you artist

Everyone is an artist in their own way. We have some people who are really good at picking the right pixels to create those masterpieces. Some believe that the click causes destruction, we believe that the click causes a masterpiece. We also need some payload that goes with the sleek images, so we also do something else on the side.

F12 is not a crime

Can I join


What are your skills

We have a whole set of skills, DoomSec is first and foremost a group of bird enthusiasts who transport zany word puzzles to each other via carrier pigeon! We also have security specialists for IP over avian carriers. And finally we have that guy that is always present in our chats, but never talk or interact. We still keep him because he glows in the dark so that's kind of cool.